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2 Stars Legacy Blazers

The Nature of the Horse

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2 Stars Legacy Blazers
Blazer Horse Ranch located in Meridian, Idaho (USA).
Dedicated to preserving the God-given Nature of the Horse and to the practice of Natural Horsemanship!
     Ranch Matriarch - Two-Stars (ABHA #F-311)                                Ranch Patriarch - Little Red (ABHA #F-433)

Mike Kruse, owner and operator of 2 Stars Legacy Blazers, has spent the past 28 years in the venture of breeding, raising and training Blazer horses.  Since 1988, after buying his first Blazer horse, Mike has enjoyed the privilege of seeing newborn foals --sired in large part by his first stallion Little Red -- blossom into beautiful, naturally developed horses.  With over 20 horses to his get, Little Red has much to be proud of. 
As the ranch Patriarch, Little Red was the best well mannered stallion an owner could hope for.  Standing at 13 hands, 3 inches tall, Little Red was a gentleman with people and was a firm but quiet steed to his mares.  He has reproduced both conformation and disposition in his offspring and leaves a lasting legacy to his name.  Little Red passed away on July 1st, 2010.  It was a hard day at the 2 Stars Legacy ranch.  Red and Mike had been partners for 19 years.  His greetings in the morning and when coming home in the driveway are sorely missed.
The Ranch Matriarch is Two-Stars.  Two-Stars passed away in September of 2008 at the mature age of 28 years old.  She was the mother and grandmother to almost every horse living at 2 Stars Legacy Blazers -- and was also the dam of Little Red.  Born in 1980 (by the Blazer horse foundation sire -- Little Blaze #F-1), Two Stars enjoyed the best of life roaming the pastures during the Spring, Summer and Fall months of the year.  Mike retired Two-Stars from the ranks of a breeding mare in 2003; her legacy continues in the ABHA; she has her children and grand kids spread around the country now.  Two-Stars and Little Red are the foundation, the primary building blocks and the "2 Stars" of this herd of Legacy Blazers.
Mike is also a lifetime member of the American Blazer Horse Association (ABHA).  Mike remains dedicated to the stringent standards set forth by the ABHA in the rulebooks of their Main Registry and Broodbook Registry.  A student of Neil Hinck, founder of the Blazer Horse breed, Mike's desire is to keep the true Nature of the Horse within his breeding practice, and to maintain the gentle and willing disposition bred into Blazer horses from the start.  The Blazer Horse breed was started in 1967 by Mr. Hinck and is beginning to have a growing presence in the equine industry.  There are now Blazer horses from coast to coast throughout the United States and into Canada.
Mike also remains committed to the principles of Natural Horsemanship.  Having learned from the Natural Horsemanship program of Pat Parelli since 1999, both auditing and participating in Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinics, Mike is learning the language of the horse in training his Blazer horses.


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2 Stars Legacy Blazers
Mike Kruse, Owner
(208) 286-7609
6740 S Eagle Rd
Meridian, ID  83642